Saturday, December 8, 2012

Uriah's First Birthday Party! (desserts)

Alrighty guys, so as you might know, my son turned 1 on November 23 and his nautical themed birthday party was the next day. We were torn on whether to just do a smaller (mine and Trevor's parents and siblings) or go all out and invited everyone we have ever met :p

We decided to go all out. We invited about 180 people...yea, that's more than we had invited to our wedding! We figured about 70 that would probably not show, plus there was a nasty bug going around our town that week so we were down a decent amount of people. All in all, I would say only 75ish people actually came. I was glad that there was only a smaller amount of people who could make it (yes I wish they could have been there, but it took a ton of stress off of me).

Because this is my first time throwing a party I underestimated the amount of effort it took and I decided to make most of the food and decorations. Since I was totally overwhelmed my mother-in-law bought pizza and set up a candy bar, my sister-in-law brought a taco dip and brownies, my mom made a cheese and cracker platter and a friend made cookies.

This is a picture of SOME of the desserts. The cookies that my friend made are Cream Cheese Cookies? Sour Cream Cookies? something like that. The cookies in the bottom corner I made, I used my family's Christmas cookie recipe and just used nautical themed cookie cutters. I also made chocolate molds and chocolate covered pretzels, I used regular candy melts bought at my local grocery store and molds bought at Joanne Fabrics . Some of the cupcakes were made by Shell's Sweets, and then I made the ones that have the grey shark fin ..not sure if you can see that from this far away. Shell's Sweets also made Uriah's smash cake...ISN'T IT PERFECT?!
I also made these chocolate pops (the ones in the back are ugly! don't look at them! hahah)
I made two of these jello oceans (find out how I did it here)
I will be the first one two admit...I did not do a very good job documenting all of the things that I made for Uriah's party...I only took 4 pictures at his party! So I am relying a lot on other peoples pictures unfortunately. I am hoping to find more pictures of the food soon!
Dessert Recap:
2 plates- cookies from friend
10 dozen- nautical themed sugar cookies
?? -chocolate melts
70- Chocolate covered pretzels
4 dozen- chocolate pops
2 dozen- cupcakes by Shell's Sweets
4 dozen- cupcakes by me
2 punch bowls- jello
1-full sized sheet cake (not pictured)
1- Smash cake by Shell's Sweets
Candy bar (not pictured)
2 sheets- brownies (not pictured)
This was waaaaay more than enough for all of my guests, I had pretty much half of everything much for being worried about running out of food :p
If you guys have any questions about how I made anything let me know and I will do my best to answer your questions!

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